Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Grand Format Printing is sometimes referred to as Super-Wide Format Printing but it’s even bigger than Large-Format, Grand Format Printing begins at 72″ wide and increases from there. We can print up to 16′ feet wide at a high resolution on vinyl or fabric with no seams! if that isn’t big enough we can go larger however the printed piece will require seams to piece it all together. we can print single images as big as some buildings isn’t that grand?


So if you don’t want to settle for less & you want the largest and loudest message out there with Super Color Digital quality then you want grand format printing by Miami Signs & Printing. We are recognized as one of the leading grand-format production facilities and print shops in Miami with Florida’s Biggest GO BIG OR GO HOME attitude Nobody does it like us!

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When a customer has a point to get across or has something to sell, grand format printing will deliver that message loud and clear in a aesthetically attractive manner. Our grand-format machine can reach widths of up to 196″. this opens the door to products and tools like display signage, fabric banners, billboard and similar signage, large building wraps, mesh banners, adhesive graphics & More! You can go as big as you want.


We have all the skill needed and can produce top quality prints at rocket fast speeds we have many Customers throughout the US. You can rely on Miami Signs & Printing to get it right when the occasion presents itself. We have mastered grand format printing. This is not something that can be learned over night this comes from many years of practice.